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We don't create problems.

We manage them.

    We work for and with your Board of Directors. We look at our management as an extension of your Board. Our actions are governed by your master deeds and by-laws, along with consideration of your Board's wishes. After reviewing your record-keeping, insurance coverage and S.C. Corporation status, we make recommendations we feel would be beneficial. In addition, we familiarize ourselves with your deed and by-laws and advise of noncompliance. Your HOA rent rolls are entered into our computer database, collection procedures are initiated for HOA fees and we continue with your efforts toward delinquent collections, should any exist. We generate and distribute routine billing instructions, make routine payments for contracted services and other obligations as approved by your Board. We generate proposed budgets, recommend changes in fees and payments as we feel deemed necessary.


    We monitor your HOA by making biweekly visits, at the very least, more if required. By-law infractions are reported to your Board, a performance by contractors is monitored and recommendations are made if problems are noted or if improvement is in order. We will assist your Board in the employment of contractors should this become necessary. Any correspondence concerning your properties will be documented in our files. We attend meetings as necessary in order to keep your Board updated on actions taken and those in progress.


    We would like to amplify that we work for your Board of Directors and limit actions to their guidelines. We do not dictate, merely we recommend. We do not create problems, we handle them. We strive to make our services a valuable asset to each HOA community managed.





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