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As a family-owned company,

we at Doug Shorter Property Management make it our mission to find your family the best

possible housing solution. 



What are the rental requirements?

Rental requirements (PDF)

What is the application fee?

$60 - single, $80 - for married couple (non-refundable).

$20 discount with military ID.

How long does the application process take?

Usually between 24-48 hours.

I want one of your homes, but don't want to move in until next month. Can you hold it if I pay the security deposit?

No. When a home is ready for the rental market, it is immediately available. In order to remove a home from the available market, we require the security deposit in full and the first month's rent is pro-rated, depending on the amount of days that you would be in the home. Each month thereafter, the rent is due on the first in full. 

Do you allow more than 1 roommate?

We accept applicants with a maximum of one other roommate. All of our residential homes are single-family homes. This means that anyone applying with more than one roommate is considered a group, and to that, we do not rent. We gladly accept applicants with children. 

How is the area where the home is located? Is it safe?

We are not permitted to give our personal opinions or thoughts on the safety of a neighborhood. We suggest you visit the area to make your own determination. The local police department may be able to assist with statistics on crime or other activity.

Do you allow inside pets?

Please call our office for a limited number of homes that may accept inside pets.

Do you accept applicants who are part of the Section 8 Program? (Housing Assistance)

For the most-part, no, we do not. Ask about our limited inventory of homes that are qualified for this program. 

Can I rent a home without looking at it?

Yes, but we will require you sign a waiver accepting the home as is and sight unseen. We strongly recommend you look at any home before your sign a lease agreement. This will provide you with peace of mind as to exactly what you are renting. It is going to be your home and our desire is for you to enjoy it. 

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