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House maintenance (spring, summer, fall & winter must do's)

Keeping and ideally increasing the value of the properties is one of the main roles of a property management company. On top of that a competent manager should provide a transparent system for showing how owner’s money is being spent and what requests were addressed. They can be accomplished by internal maintenance department or by hiring licensed vendors.

Generally, there is a particular list of routine maintenance that need to be done to the property according to the season.

Spring is good for checking for any mold. Winter dampness can lead to mold buildup on the surface of walls within the property. Sometimes a leak can cause mold to penetrate the structure of the unit and you need a professional to address the situation. HVAC should be also inspected, serviced and cleaned after it worked hard in the winter. Spring maintenance can postpone an unfortunate and rather expensive replacement.

Summer means bugs, including ants, mosquitoes, wasps and spiders. So treating the property seasonally will help stop pest before they become a big problem. Nooks and crannies should be checked for wasp or hornet nests that might pop up this time of year. Another thing is a sprinkler system. Addressed in time it can prevent landscape from damaging and reduce standing water.

Fall is a perfect time for checking the attic. To prevent ice damming on the roof which can lead to expensive repairs, the attic’s insulation should be checked. Roof should be checked for the missing shingles. A slightly damaged roof can lead to water exposure which cause deterioration to insulation, wood and drywall, making electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems vulnerable.

Preventative winter maintenance includes protecting pipes from bursting, fixtures from crumbling and plants from dying. Any un-insulated pipes must be wrapped to ensure they will not freeze or burst when the temperature drops. In Charleston Area it’s extremely rare but we all remember first days of 2018, when more than 4 inches, and the temperature dropped down to 16F.

Preventative seasonal maintenance is the mechanism a property manager uses to maintain the value of the property and avoid letting small issues become larger more expensive problems down the road. Most of checks can be performed by the tenant, and communicated to the property manager in case of any issues.

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