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The most important thing you should consider when selling your home

Do you remember how nervous you were when you bought your first house? Get ready to feel the same way when you decide to sell it. If you are like the most people, you want to sell your house for the best price in the least time possible. But do you know what is the real value of your home today? Do you have an idea how you are going to advertise your sale?

In order to keep a track of your sale and to put the pressure off your shoulders, you should find a listing agent. These real estate professionals can help you in many ways but simply put: your house will be sold quickly for the money you deserve.

Many home buyers and sellers, in fact, are not aware of the expertise, professional knowledge, and just plain hard work that go into a successful real estate transaction. There are multiple brokerage service models in today’s real estate world: full service, limited service, a fee for the service, etc. But generally, the listing agent has a standard list of responsibilities.

Helping you to determine a real price.

Listing agents will research the area to investigate the average selling time and cost for the houses in your neighborhood. This will give you the idea of the ideal price and the price brackets within which you can go up or down without underestimating your investment.

Identifying your key selling points.

You’ve lived in your home and you are emotionally attached to it. But when you are trying to sell it, you need to look at it from the buyers’ point of view. What is unique about your property? Location? Size? Spacious garage? You may be missing some details, which became everyday life for you but they may be the features which may add some value on the market right now. Your listing agent should identify these points, make a list of them and present it to everyone who is visiting your home.

Putting your house on the market.

Adding your house to all online resources, making a sign for your front yard, putting a lockbox on your door for buyer’s agents... All of these small steps ensure that your sale will be the most effective and convenient for both you and the buyer. But first things first. Do you have a good camera? Every professional listing agent has a good camera and should take high-quality pictures of your property. They should show enough to generate initial interest in your property.

Since most buyers start their house hunting online, your house should be put to the MLS. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a database of all properties that are currently for sale. Home buyers get the access to the MLS through their real estate agents. So, if you want your listing to be seen by as many people as possible, you have to make sure that your listing is on MLS.

Coordinating visits/showings with buyers

The listing agent will generally handle all of the interactions with the buyer’s side. Buyers will schedule their visits by contacting your agent. But if you still live there contacting you personally might be a better idea. The key to success is to discuss this issue with your listing agent from the very beginning.

Making sure the buyer can afford your house.

There is nothing worse than realizing that you just wasted your time showing your dear house to the person who hasn’t spoken to a lender yet. Your listing agent should make sure that all of the potential buyers were already pre-approved by a mortgage lender for a significant sum, or they have enough money to pay cash for the house.

A little extra

If there is enough interest on the market listing agents may hold an open house for you. They can also be responsible for collecting offers from potential buyers and presenting them to you, including the information about the exact amount of money they are offering, how much they are ready to give you now, and when are they planning to close the deal. If you are not satisfied with the offer, the listing agent can negotiate with buyers on your behalf.

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